Sunday, April 16, 2017

Horror Short, Rotary , Trailer Debuts

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. As I am traveling this holiday, I am reminded of the importance of friends and family (as well as quiet). Fortunately, while I may not have spent much time on the computer this weekend, I have had a chance to get some writing in on my 2017 National Poetry Month project, Salvation. Because of that, I have not really had an opportunity to get many movies in. I did, however, receive word that the 2017 short film Rotary is primed for the festival circuit. Following is the official press release for the movie. 

Urban Legend-Based Period Film Poised to Hit 2017 Festivals 

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The official trailer for Rotary has debuted. You can view the trailer on youtube here:

We may consider urban legends today as trite and sentimental. These “friend of a friend” macabre stories, polished or pock-marked over the years with updated, modern details or crazy twists have cemented their place in our American canon of folklore. 

Kidney heists, Bloody Mary, alligators in the sewer: all resonate tales because in their lack of specificity they become eerily plausible, and we recognize a familiar predicament—one we’d dread. Rotary is based on classic The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs.

Director and Writer Lorenzo Adams explains his impetus for creating the film, “ I've always been infatuated with things of the macabre, things that terrify us as human beings and terrors that have a touch of reality. Rotary is based on an urban legend that dates back to the 1950's. This story, in my opinion, is one of the first kind of home invasion horrors that predate films like The Strangers, Straw Dawgs, and Wait Until Dark. It birthed the horrifying reveal that gave many of us nightmares and questions as to if we were really safe within our own homes. The reality is one of the roots of real horror. ” 

Rotary, written and directed by Lorenzo P. Adams was shot over a five-day period in mid-July at Windy Ridge farmhouse in Galax, Virginia. 

Director Lorenzo P. Adams shares why he knew Windy Ridge was exactly what he was envisioning the moment he saw it. “I knew that I wanted a house that had plenty of character and embodied a vintage look that would effectively place viewers in the time period of the story that takes place.” 

Emma Fawkes makes her debut as the film’s star, 17-year-old Julie Moore. Hunter Ott plays Robert, the young babysitter’s charge. Hunter has previously appeared in Chicago Fire and Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall. 

The film is in the process of being wrapped up and submitted to several festivals throughout 2017. To find out more about Rotary and receive the latest updates on festival screenings, please visit us on Facebook. Twitter, or Instagram @Rotarythemovie.

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